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Talk of Walter Cheung: The Voice of 66 Marathons

Under Life@CUHK, the talk on "The Voice of 66 Marathons" was successfully held on 31 January.  This talk was presided by Mr. Walter Cheung who graduated from the School of Journalism and Communication of CUHK.  He is currently the Head of Communications and Corporate Sustainability, and a member of the Executive Committee of Hang Seng Bank.

Since the release of his book《跑出一片天》(title in Chinese only) in April 2017, Mr. Cheung has been invited by different universities and organisations (e.g. Hong Kong Shue Yan University, Hong Kong Management Association, Eslite Bookstore, The Association of Christian Accountants, Christian Fellowship of Hang Seng Bank) to share his experience of running marathons so as to inspire people to live a positive life and take up difference challenges.

Right before his presence at the talk on "The Voice of 66 Marathons", Mr. Cheung had completed his 67th marathon.  In the talk, not only did he touch on issues about long distance running, but he also had an in-depth exchange of views with Ms. Chow Chi-ngan, Assistant Lecturer of CUHK Physical Education Unit and former Hong Kong Elite Marathon Athlete.

As a sports enthusiast, Prof. Joseph Sung, former President of CUHK was also among the audiences, and even actively participated in the Q&A session. He, together with other CUHK members, took Mr. Cheung for dinner afterwards to wrap up the enjoyable evening.

For review of Mr. Cheung's talk, please click here.


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Talk of Walter Cheung: The Voice of 66 Marathons
Talk of Walter Cheung: The Voice of 66 Marathons

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Talk of Walter Cheung: The Voice of 66 Marathons

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