24. 02. 2018    ISSUE 6

I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update

Over the past two months, participants of the I·CARE Community Research Scheme have been working hard in conducting studies on "Elderly-friendly Housing" and "Ma On Shan Community Development".

The major aim of the team on "Elderly-friendly Housing" is to assess the effectiveness of a community-supported smart-home security system in improving the live-alone elderly's quality of life.  Based on the data collected from previous home visits, the team has fine-tuned the questionnaire so as to identify which live-alone elderly are suitable to adopt the system.  The team also attended a workshop conducted by a social worker in elderly service to get themselves familiar with the current policy affecting our senior citizens and the challenges that they have ever encountered.

Regarding the team on "Ma On Shan Community Development", participants were divided into small groups and engaged in numerous field visits.  Individual groups have eventually confined their research scopes to "Revitalising Community Public Space", "Intergenerational Life Skills Exchange", and "Stories of Community Shops" respectively.  Some of the groups had also participated in public space activities initiated by other local organisations to explore different ways of revitalising the communal areas.

In the upcoming months, participants will continue to advance their research through field trips, interviews and initiating activities.  For more information about the I·CARE Community Research Scheme, please click here.  Any enquiries could be directed to Mr. Ng of this Centre via 3943 9249 (Tel) or enoch.ng@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).


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I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update
I·CARE Community Research Scheme: Progress Update

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