16. 09. 2018    ISSUE 11


Dear readers,

The eventful summer break is over.  Many of us have been settled well on the vibrant campus, and some may even have confirmed their aspiration of a college life.  Is it the acquisition of a grade point average (GPA) surpassing 3.00?  Speaking at the Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates, our Vice-Chancellor and President offered another notion of the acronym GPA.  They are G - global perspective, P - positive mindset, and A - appreciation of life's diversity.  Will you replace your originally chosen principle with these qualities to herald the start of this academic year?

Lately, the University has embarked on a number of new initiatives to demonstrate commitment to developing its students' global perspective, positive mindset and appreciation of life's diversity.  They include, inter alia, two general education courses namely "Grand Challenges for Global Citizens in the 21st Century" and "Live to Flourish: the Science and Practice of Positive Psychology", as well as introducing the "Distinguished Alumni-in-Residence Programme" and supporting the stage play My Love.  It is full of glee seeing that this campus has been instilled with alternatives to broaden our horizon and breath of mind.  "Inclusiveness" and "Magnanimity" are particularly important nowadays in preparing our next generation of leaders who will be able to make a societal impact on our homeland and the world.

My Centre is always keen to stay at the forefront of the cultivation of all-round capabilities of students, and "Inclusiveness" and "Magnanimity", among other attributes, are what we have ever been promoting.  About a week before our Inauguration Ceremony for Undergraduates, the US Senator McCain passed away.  In his memorial service, many heavyweight figures from both Republican and Democratic camps paid tributes to him.  In addition to his courageous act (e.g. the refusal of repatriation during the Vietnam War) and maverick character (e.g. willingness to disagree with his party on certain issues), McCain's open mind is, from my perspective, most admirable.  In one of the rallies of the 2008 presidential campaign, McCain took away his supporter's microphone (when she denounced Obama as an "Arab") and defended his rival that "he's a decent family man, citizen, that I just happen to have disagreements with on fundamental issues" and "I will fight, but I will be respectful".  What a morally beautiful discourse!

The society have been embroiled in repetitive altercations and splitting ambience in recent years.  The University is no exception.  Keeping an open mind is, therefore, vital to integrate differences and unite dissidents.  Only we could be counted on to help ourselves get out of the quagmire.  Reinstate the "We Can Do It" mojo!  I earnestly hope it tallies with the basis for your landing on this University in the first place.

Sincerely yours,

Irene Ng
I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development


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