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"Fitness x Mentorship" Scheme

The "Fitness x Mentorship" Scheme associates "exercising" with "volunteering" to foster a serving heart of students and strengthen their understanding of the community.  Participants of the scheme will be trained with basic skills of a sports item and given chances to partner various members of the community in pursuing sports.  This will allow students to develop regular exercise habit and build up healthy lifestyle.  Above all, mutual understanding between students and the circle of their counterparts will be facilitated.  Details of the scheme in this academic year are as follows:

Sports Items and Schedules

Running:8 sessions, Friday evening/ Saturday morning from October to November, 2018
Hiking:3 sessions, 9 am to 5 pm of Saturday from October to November, 2018

Training Ground

On or off CUHK campus


Running:Intellectual disabilities
Hiking:Ethnic minority youth

Facts and Enrolment

Running:Please visit here
Hiking:Please visit here

Enrolment Deadline

21 September 2018 (Friday)

Mandatory Requirements

1.To attend the selection interview (Timetable vide the enrolment form)
2.To choose either sports item for participation
3.To attend the briefing session and all training sessions, and serve as partners of the
designated group of the community.


Free of Charge

The "Fitness x Mentorship" Scheme in 2018-19 will roll out more sport items (e.g. bowling) in different forms so as to achieve physical wellness and community service.  Details will be announced in due course.  If there is any enquiry, please contact Miss Wong of this Centre via 3943 9957 (Tel) or cathy@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).


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“Fitness x Mentorship” Scheme 2018-19

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