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I·CARE Theatre - The Pristine Craze

In the 1st night, there comes the current "Fresh Wave" winning pieces……
In the 2nd night, the prominent director's classic "New Wave" film revives.

The I·CARE Theatre, co-organised by this Centre and The Office of the Arts Administrator, will be themed "The Pristine Craze" in October this year.  It is going to screen The Secret (Restored Version) under the "New Wave" category, as well as Bright Spring Days, The Bridge, and The Umbrella under the "Fresh Wave" category.  The three "Fresh Wave" films are the winning pieces of the "12th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival".  Through the screening, audiences are able to have a taste of the perspectives and thoughts of the youth of different decades through their avant-garde productions.

Details of the I·CARE Theatre - The Pristine Craze are set out below:

"Fresh Wave" Films: Bright Spring Days*, The Bridge*, The Umbrella*

Date:8 October 2018 (Monday)
Time:7:00 pm
Venue:Sir Run Run Shaw Hall
Duration:25, 30 and 22 minutes respectively
Language:Cantonese, with subtitles in Chinese and English
Director:Yeh Ka Lun (Bright Spring Days), Yeung Leung Chuen (The Bridge), Eric Tsang (The

Post-screening Discussion on the "Fresh Wave" Films

Date:8 October 2018 (Monday)
Time:8:35 pm
Venue:Foyer of Sir Run Run Shaw Hall
Speaker:Yeh Ka Lun, Yeung Leung Chuen, Eric Tsang
Host:Poon Tat Pui Eric (Associate Professor of Practice, School of Journalism and

"New Wave" Film: The Secret (Restored Version)*

Date:11 October 2018 (Thursday)
Time:7:00 pm
Venue:Sir Run Run Shaw Hall
Duration:90 minutes
Language:Cantonese, with subtitles in Chinese and English
Director:Ann Hui

Would all interested CUHK students and staff please make on-line registration via here.  For more information about the I·CARE Theatre - The Pristine Craze, please click here.

Any enquiry could be directed to Ms. Ho of this Centre at 3943 8621 (Tel) or icare@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).



Bright Spring Days
Kuen is a sing-song girl on Temple Street. Her son Ka-kei, now a university student, returns to Hong Kong for just a few days after emigrating to Canada with his father. Kuen's colleague Kit has to work overnight and enlists Kuen's help to take care of her young son. During the sleepless night, Kuen and Ka-kei relive their past and envisage their future through another pair of mother and son. Under the bright sun, the cycle of life and family relationships continue, made all the more touching by the nuanced moments of care and concern between each other. Sham Ka-ki of Weeds On Fire plays the son and renders a tender and layered performance full of subtlety.

The Bridge
Lai-sing, full of aspirations as a journalist, lives in Hong Kong with his sister Kei-mei. Their parents live in Hainan since retirement while their uncle is residing in Shenzhen. The family is separated until the third anniversary of the death of Lai-sing's grandmother. According to tradition, a monument has to be erected on this occasion, which brings the family members to meet up. The reunion slowly unveils the indiscernible distances and intimacies built over time. It is only through understanding and acceptance that they would cast aside their differences and show genuine care for each other.

The Umbrella
It rained non-stop when Hong Kong was rocked by the tumultuous events in October 2014. At the university hall, young souls are assigned to different rooms amid the sounds of rain, studies and heavy discussions. These strangers come from a variety of backgrounds but are united by their passion towards the society. They may have dissenting opinions, but will learn to accept and be sympathetic to each other. The rainy night feels especially ominous when the students ponder at the streets in commotion.

The Secret (Restored Version)
Ann Hui's debut, The Secret is known as the monument to the "New Wave" in the late 1970s.  The story was inspired by a real-life murder case which happened at Lung Fu Shan, Hong Kong.  Prima facie was a case of murder for love, but the truth turned out to be far more confusing and terrifying.  The film depicts the psychological intricacy of the parties involved in the love triangle; and its plot, narrative style and cinematography have all contributed to a major breakthrough in the Hong Kong film industry since then.  The Secret was shot around the old Chinese tenement buildings located at the vicinity of Yu Lok Lane, Sai Ying Pun back in 40 years ago.  The film has captured the beautiful scenery of the old Hong Kong.  This newly restored version delivers a better quality of picture and sound, which is very close to the original release version.


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I·CARE Theatre - The Pristine Craze

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