13. 10. 2017    ISSUE 2

I·CARE Campus Tour - Telling CUHK Stories: Successfully Finished

CUHK is well known for its spectacular scenery.  Overlooking Tolo Harbour, our verdant campus has indeed many historical stories behind.  As such,this Centre has continued running campus tours (altogether six times) emphasising on the social and civic engagement of the University community over the past decades.  The tours were led by eight professional student tour guides using either Cantonese, Mandarin or English.

Having come to an end, the tours captured over 80 students listening to the stories of CUHK.  By filling out the post-event questionnaire, almost all participants have given their comments and suggestions:

- 94% of the respondents agree that the tour fulfils their expectation to thoroughly
  understand the CUHK campus.
- 97% of the respondents agree that the tour guides are familiar with the content and their
  expression is understandable.
- 97% of the respondents express that their knowledge of CUHK has been enhanced
  through the tour.
- 73% of the respondents express that the tour facilitates their passion to be involved in
  campus development and social affairs.
- 86% of the respondents show willingness to recommend the tour to other CUHK students.
- 40% of the respondents are ready to be trained to serve as tour guides in future so as to
  share the CUHK stories with others.

Overall, the participants find the tours conducive to strengthen their understanding of CUHK and hope that the tours could incorporate more information such as the history of new colleges.


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