13. 10. 2017    ISSUE 2

New I·CARE Trailer

A new version of I·CARE trailer was released this month.  Students and alumni who participated in the shooting include: Miss Ng Hoi Ying (year-4 student of Bachelor programme in Urban Studies), Mr. Wong Yuen Cheuk (year-5 student of Bachelor programme in Medicine), Mr. Wong Chung Chak (graduate of Master programme in Nursing Science), and Miss Yip Hiu Wai (graduate of Bachelor programme in Sociology).

With the professional assistance of the Audio-Visual Division of CUHK Communications and Public Relations Office, the trailer had been produced in a smooth manner.  Through such a visual mean, this Centre would like to express heartfelt thanks to the prominent business and community leaders as well as CUHK friends for their continued support to the I·CARE Programme.  Without their generosity, the I·CARE Programme has scarcely been developed so prosperously and could not contribute to the sustainable personal growth of our students.  For viewing of the trailer, please go to https://youtu.be/irGpikCVyAw.

New I·CARE Trailer

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Sharing Session on "Improving Health in Developing Countries: A Service Learning Perspective"

Social Service Day: Recruitment of Organising Committee Members

I·CARE Community Research Scheme 2017-18: Recruitment of Members

University Lecture on Civility - I·CARE Salon

Lung Yingtai's 13 Things Learnt from the Adventure of a Perplexing Youth

I·CARE Campus Tour - Telling CUHK Stories: Successfully Finished

New I·CARE Trailer


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