24. 02. 2019    ISSUE 16

CUHK 10K Night Challenge 2019

Jointly organised by the University Physical Education Unit, Communications and Public Relations Office and this Centre, the CUHK 10K Night Challenge 2019 will be held on 8 March (Friday) at 6:30 pm at Pak Shek Kok Promenade, Shatin.  This event comprises two types of entries for advanced runners (10 km) and beginners (4 km) respectively.  The former race is further divided into three categories namely students (men and women), staff (men and women), and alumni (men and women); and the top 10 of each category will be awarded a prize.  The beginners' entry is not a race per se and welcomes all CUHK people to join.

Prof. Rocky S. Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President will officiate at the event.  Mr. Daniel Lee, Lecturer of the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education and a former member of the Hong Kong Triathlon National Squad, will lead warm-up exercises to prepare participants for a better run.

Despite the closing of event registration, you are welcomed to turn up as cheerleaders or to become sponsors of the I·CARE Programme through here in order to show your support to the participating athletes.


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CUHK 10K Night Challenge 2019

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