24. 02. 2019    ISSUE 16

I·CARE Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: Array of Mentor

Launched by this Centre in 2015-16, the Social Enterprise Startup Scheme has been encouraging CUHK students and recent graduates to make good use of their expertise to establish or expand social enterprises.  Participants of the scheme will be enrolled in a mentorship programme through which valuable advice on formulating business plan and practical skills of running an enterprise will be offered by experienced alumni in a one-on-one manner.  The horizon and business network of participants are also expected to be widened.  With the CUSE Fund set up under the scheme, participants will be able to create sustainable social impact on the society.

The number of participants in the scheme has increased from 8 teams in 2015 to 18 teams at present.  To cater for such a large amount of teams, our pool of mentors warrants a rise.  Now, there are altogether 6 mentors which represents a double of that in the inception.  All of these mentors are senior alumni who have been working in financial or social service sectors.  Not only have they had outstanding career performance, but they are also passionate to nurture the youth.  They are:

Mr. Eric Yip-Chairman of AM Partners (Capital) Co., Ltd.
Mr. Gordon Lam-Former Management Director of Citicorp China Investment Management
Mr. Francis Chan-Former Head of Corporate of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
(Asia) Limited
Mr. Angus Chau-Executive Director and Executive Operation Officer of Universal
Technologies Holdings Limited
Mr. Simon Ngai-Council Member of General Chamber of Social Enterprise
Mr. Edmond Wong-General Manager of RB International Finance Hong Kong

More information of the mentors could be obtained from here.

I·CARE Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: Array of Mentor

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