24. 02. 2019    ISSUE 16

S.I. Leaders Sharing

Yunus Social Business Centre@CUHK, which is a subsidiary of this Centre, will organise two sessions of S.I. Leaders Sharing.  Three business starters will talk about the social problems of their concern and what have intrigued them to exercise social innovation.  They will also shed light on the modus operandi of their social enterprises and the challenges they have encountered throughout.  Details are as follows:

Date:1 March 2019 (Monday)
Time:7:00 - 9:00 pm
Venue:Room LG04, Hui Yeung Shing Building
Speaker:Mr. Kenny Or (Founder of Hapischool*)
Enrolled by:8 March 2019 (Friday)

Date:18 March 2019 (Monday)
Time:7:00 - 9:00 pm
Venue:Room 502, Wong Foo Yuan Building
Speaker:Ms. Chiu Siu Han and Mr. Benny Wong (Founders of Rivergoats*)
Enrolled by:15 March 2019 (Friday)

The S.I. Leaders Sharing welcomes participation of all CUHK students and alumni.  If interested, please register here.

For enquiries, please contact Mr. Or of this Centre at 3943 3227 (Tel) or timothycnor@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).


*Introduction of Organisations

Hapischool takes the initiatives to promote picture book aiming to push forward positive parent-child interaction through reading, enhance family cohesion and facilitate community development.  Although Hapischool is a one-man organisation, it has strong ability of mobilisation and organisation that it has already facilitated the development of more than 100 different community groups and run more than 500 activities.  Therefore, it has become the all-time case study for social impact.

Rivergoats was founded in 2016, and it started family nature experience programme in 2018.  It raises "Explore, Experience and Participate in Nature", as well as builds up family relationship and valuable experience.


# Please click the image at the top-right corner to view the full poster.

S.I. Leaders Sharing

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S.I. Leaders Sharing

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