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Aug 01, 2015 Volume 111
Office of Academic Links(China)
Student Interflow Programs

1. CU in Mainland & Taiwan in Summer 2015
2. The 5th Green Summer Camp under Cross-Strait Green University Consortium


CU in Mainland & Taiwan in Summer 2015

The Office of Academic Links (China) organizes/coordinates a wide range of student interflow programs every summer in collaboration with various Mainland and Taiwan institutions, providing CUHK students with exposures to experience different cultures and obtain knowledge on cross-strait developments.

In July 2015, 113 CUHK students participated in the following 12 programs including summer course, competition, field trip on special topics, cultural exploration tours and visits to historical sites and enterprises. 





Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai Jiao Tong University Summer School Session

3 July – 2 Aug


Fudan University

Fudan University International Summer Session 2015

4 July – 1 Aug


Sun Yat-sen University

Summer School Programme for Hong Kong and Overseas Students

5 – 25 July


Renmin University

Renmin University Summer School Programme

5 – 31 July


Peking University

PKU Summer School International Program 2015 (co-organized with Colleges and Office of Summer Programmes)

6 – 31 July


Nanjing University

The 5th Nanjing-Hong Kong Training Camp on Micro Movies

7 – 23 July


Taiwan Normal University

2015 Hoping.Download (co-organized with the Faculty of Education)

8 – 20 July


Beihang University

Summer Camp on Air and Space for Beijing, Hong Kong and Macau Students 2015

11 – 18 July


Hefei Institute of Technology

The 9th Anhwei Cultural Summer Camp

11 – 20 July


Peking University

Peking University Summer School Programme for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Students

11 July – 14 August


Nanjing University

The 5th Green Summer Camp under Cross-Strait Green University Consortium

14 – 20 July


Beihang University

The International Collegiate Design and Innovation Competition

14 – 20 July




 The 5th Green Summer Camp under Cross-Strait Green University Consortium

The 5th Green Summer Camp, hosted by Nanjing University (NJU) and co-organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and Taiwan Central University (NCU), was held from 14 to 20 July 2015 in Nanjing. A total of 38 students from the 3 universities participated in the programme.

Participating students visited Nanjing, Changshu and Suzhou during the 7-day camp, and joined field trips to green sites comprising ecological farms, wetland parks and watery towns. They also attended a series of talks and seminars where they met with relevant academic members to share opinions on issues relating to climatic change, green building designs, wetland management and sustainable development. Students with diverse cultures and backgrounds had the opportunity to interact actively and share experience in environmental protection, inspiring green ideas and next implementing them. Some of the projects were videos on green education, streets and tour spots cleaning, flash mobs and sharing in local community. The camp not only enhanced the awareness of environmental protection among the participating students, but also fostered linkages and relationships among the 3 universities.

The Green Summer Camp was one of the student programs developed under Cross-Strait Green University Consortium which was established among CUHK, NJU and NCU in 2011. The 3 universities take turns to organize the camp for students to enhance understanding of environmental protection and sustainable development, promote positive values toward green issues and advocate the message of applying green concepts into daily lives and in society.

During the presentation (Photo Credit: Au Yuk Long; Programme Host: Beihang University)

In ancient villages of Hongcun (Photo Credit: Alan Chan; Programme Host: Hefei University of Technology)

Group photo with astronauts (Photo Credit: Kwok Suen Tung Katherine; Programme Host: Beihang University)

In the scene of micro movie production (Photo Credit: Wong Chun Leung; Programme Host: Nanjing University)

Picking organic tomatoes in Baguazhou's ecological farm (Photo Credit: Fan Dezhi)

Students sticking to green principles while picnicking in Nanjing  (Photo Credit: Lun Wing Tung)

Visiting Zhou Zhuang (Photo Credit: Mo Chun Lok)

Students from CUHK, NJU and NCU giving presenting on their green ideas

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