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Jun 01, 2018 Volume 145
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CUHK Holds Distinguished Lecture Series in Ningbo

The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) jointly organized the "CUHK Distinguished Lecture Series" in Ningbo with the Ningbo Association for Science and Technology and Ningbo University (NBU) on 25 May. Prof. Kenneth Young, Honorary Fellow and Emeritus Professor of Physics of CUHK was invited to deliver a lecture at Zhen Cheng Library of NBU. Prof. Young was also appointed as the Li Dak Sum Professor on the occasion.


In his lecture entitled "The Big Bang", Prof. Young shared his expertise by elaborating on classical canon including the expansion of the universe and the discovery of the Cosmic Microwave Background. He also discussed famous scientific theories such as those of Newton's laws, Hubble's law and general relativity. The lecture attracted an audience of nearly 500, including students and government officials from Ningbo City.


With the aim of further cementing the presence of CUHK and strengthening its ties with the Greater China region, the Office of Academic Links (China) officially launched the 'CUHK Distinguished Lecture Series' in 2017.  Two to three distinguished scholars from CUHK will be invited to tour and give public lectures each year in various provinces and institutes in mainland China. Two distinguished lectures have been held in Wuhan and Beijing respectively.

Prof. Kenneth Young (left) being appointed as the Li Dak Sum Professor

Prof. Kenneth Young gives lecture in Ningbo for CUHK Distinguished Lecture Series

Lecture entitled ‘The Big Bang: the Origin of the Universe’ is delivered

Students enthusiastically raise questions after lecture

Students at Ningbo pose a photo with Prof. Young

Group photo of Prof. Kenneth Young and students from CUHK and Ningbo University

Lecture Poster

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