30. 11. 2020    ISSUE 27

I·CARE Secret Talk: Successfully Completed

To substitute the on-site mass programmes such as I·CARE Salon and I·CARE Theatre which are not recommended amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the University Lecture on Civility has proposed a new initiative Mobile I·CARE for this academic year.  Being the first activity of Mobile I·CARE, the “I·CARE Secret Talk” contained six online sessions hosted by different guests via Zoom in September and October to cater for CUHK students and staff.  The topics included, inter alia, job hunting in the pestilence, household conflicts, love affairs and restricted travelling.

The topic/ speaker of the six sessions are as follows:

Session 1 - How to Deal with Household Conflicts?/ Dr. Cho Man-kit Joseph
Session 2 - Love in the Time of Pandemic/ Dr. Lau Po-hei
Session 3 - Enhancing Your Competitiveness during COVID-19/ Diane Chiu, Eva Chow
      and Angela Chiu
Session 4 - Travel and COVID-19/ Dr. Wong Kim-fan
Session 5 - Missing our Campus Life/ Dr. Damian Cheng
Session 6 - Our Elderly Family Members/ Dr. Derrick Au

Since many of the recent graduates are encountering challenges in their job hunting and career planning, the third session on “Enhancing Your Competitiveness during COVID-19” also welcomed participation of the alumni who have left school within the nearest five years.

All sessions of the “I·CARE Secret Talk” attracted an audience of approximately 300.  It has ended for now.  More activities under the Mobile I·CARE will be held soon.  Stay tuned for the announcement.

I·CARE Secret Talk: Successfully Completed
I·CARE Secret Talk: Successfully Completed
I·CARE Secret Talk: Successfully Completed
I·CARE Secret Talk: Successfully Completed
I·CARE Secret Talk: Successfully Completed

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I·CARE Secret Talk: Successfully Completed

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