30. 11. 2020    ISSUE 27

“Sustainable Development Goals x General Education” Study Scheme

Since its establishment in October 2016, this Centre is committed to offering a diversified learning experience to students to promote their whole-person development.  In addition to planning and implementing the I·CARE Programme, this Centre renders support to other services which aim to nurture students’ all-round development.  As such, it has been supporting the “Sustainable Development Solutions Network Hong Kong” which is jointly hosted by CUHK and The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, and organising many activities that achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) adopted by the United Nations.  Besides, this Centre conveys the situation and needs of students during other units’ formulation of guidelines and programmes through its Director’s serving as the co-supervisor of various projects receiving the “Teaching Development and Language Enhancement Grant”.  The “Sustainable Development Goals x General Education” Study Scheme rolled out in this academic year is one of them.

The “Sustainable Development Goals x General Education” Study Scheme allows students to receive a certificate by enrolling in two or more SDG-GE courses, and fulfilling the two requirements as follows: (1) to take part in at least one voluntary activity (SDG-VA) or to engage in one or more courses that put its/ their emphasis on social engagement (SDG-SE) relating to SDG; and (2) to complete the short online course offered by the SDG Academy.  The certificate is expected to signify their acquisition of a certain standard of knowledge and skills about SDGs.  Up to now, 35 general education courses offered by the University and Colleges have been registered as SDG-GE courses of which nine were confirmed to be opened in the second term of this academic year.  They are:

Course Code Course Title Course Teacher
UGEB2113 Nature Conservation in Hong Kong Prof. Ng Sai-leung
UGEB2123 Environmental Crises - China and the World Prof. Xu Yuan
UGEB2132 Earth As Seen From Space Dr. Wong Kwan-kit
UGEB2362 Nutrition for Healthy Living Ms. Yip Pui-sze
Prof. Leung Kwok-nam
UGEC1835 Culture of Hong Kong Dr. Tang Wai-man
UGEC2210 Food and Hunger Dr. Huang Yefang
UGEC2226 Discovering Africa: Environment, Society and Prospects Prof. Lawal Mohammed Marafa
UGEC2231 Decoding Cities Dr. Lee Wai-ying Joanna
UGEC2819 Grand Challenges for Global Citizens in the 21st Century Prof. Leung Mei-yee

It is hoped that the “Sustainable Development Goals x General Education” Study Scheme will facilitate students’ response to global challenges that humanity is facing.  Students completing the scheme will find the experience conducive to their personal growth and career development.  To learn more, please visit here for the IG page.  If there is any question regarding the SDG-VA, you may also call this Centre.

“Sustainable Development Goals x General Education” Study Scheme

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“Sustainable Development Goals x General Education” Study Scheme

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