2023 Nov | Volume 193

Holiday Reminder – Shut Down Unused Computers and Devices

It might also be a prime time for hackers to attack computer systems. Take the following actions to safeguard your computers and personal data. 

1.      Shut Down Unused Computers and Devices 

  • Shut down your computers, printers, scanners, and accessories (such as monitors) at the end of the day or week. 
  • Not only for energy saving but also for against viruses and hacking attacks. 

2.      Email Scams 

  • Stay vigilant before opening any greeting emails/ecards or links as suggested. Do think twice and be alerted of phishing scams.
  • Check What Fraud CUHKers Could Have Met, for practical tips.

Please also share this message with your colleagues. 

For any suspicious computing activities, please write to ITSC Service Desk (Information Security, https://cuhk.hk/ask-it ) or call 3943 8845 (office hours). 

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Holiday Reminder – Shut Down Unused Computers and Devices

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