29. 05. 2021    ISSUE 30

I·CARE NGO Internship Programme (Hong Kong): In Full Gear

The I·CARE NGO Internship Programme (Hong Kong) offers local internship opportunities to CUHK students to allow them to gain first-hand workplace experience thereby identifying the direction for career development.  More importantly, the programme facilitates these students’ understanding of the values and practices of the attached NGOs and the context of social development.  Launched in the second term of this academic year, the programme is divided into term-time section and summer section, both of which had received overwhelming response.

The NGO for the term-time section is The Jane Goodall Institute (Hong Kong).  Three students were selected by this Centre from some 90 applications via interviews to serve as interns in the said organisation.  Their major duties included event communication, social media management, and planning and executing educational activities on environmental issues.  This section of internship was just completed last month.  While the participants have already concluded their experience to formulate the reflection papers, the NGO also finished conducting individual assessment of the interns.

As for the summer section, it will take place between early-June and late-July.  Through a combined interview set up by this Centre, seven students out of around 70 applications were selected to take part in the internship offered by three NGOs, namely iBakery, Tung Wah Group of Hospitals; CarbonCare InnoLab; and Gaia Education Limited.  The related duties can be seen from here.

If there is any enquiry about the I·CARE NGO Internship Programme (Hong Kong), please contact Miss Wong of this Centre at 3943 9957 (Tel) or cathy@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

I·CARE NGO Internship Programme (Hong Kong): In Full Gear

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