29. 05. 2021    ISSUE 30

Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: Full Steam Ahead

In last October, 129 students and recent alumni registered for the Social Enterprise Startup Scheme of this academic year, and subsequently some of them were eligible to form teams to be considered for participation in the mentorship programme under the scheme.  After the Stage 1’s Training Activities and the screening interview afterwards, 13 out of 26 teams were successfully admitted to the mentorship programme.  Over these months, altogether 45 members from the 13 admitted teams have been taken through a fulfilling yet hectic process towards the consolidation of their initiated projects.  Under the guidance of designated mentors, these teams are currently preparing for their business plan submission.  Very soon, they will be confirmed if the final presentation day scheduled for late-June has a place for them to compete for the CUSE Fund in order to obtain a maximum of HK$100,000 (per team) as seed money.

Following the completion of the seminar titled “Business Planning and Financial Management” on the 12th of this month, the Stage 2’s Training Activities of the scheme of this academic year has come to an end.  During the seminar, Mr. Gordon Lam and Mr. Angus Chau (both mentors of this scheme), highlighted the principles of financial forecasting and the techniques to break down fundamentals of a business plan.  Above all, they emphasised the importance of effective planning as to a sustainable enterprise.

Launched by this Centre in 2015-16, the Social Enterprise Startup Scheme has been encouraging CUHK students and recent graduates to make good use of their expertise to establish or expand their social enterprises.  Participants will be paired up with mentors, who are people with great achievement in specific industries, to obtain from them valuable advice and practical skills of running an enterprise, as well as to be guided by them to widen personal network.  For enquiries, please contact Mr. Poon of this Centre at 3943 3237 (Tel) or aaronpoon@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: Full Steam Ahead
Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: Full Steam Ahead
Social Enterprise Startup Scheme: Full Steam Ahead

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