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I·CARE Theatre 2019

Organised by this Centre and with the support of The Office of the Arts Administrator, the I·CARE Theatre is presenting to you a fine selection of films in three consecutive months starting from September 2019.  These films include After the Storm; The Lives of Others; and Cloud Atlas.  Each of the screenings will be followed by post-screening discussion.

The films feature different problems faced by the protagonists - family, love, integrity, justice.  The decision of an individual may always affect others, or the society at large.  How to make the right choice?  These films may bring about some inspiration.

The first film After the Storm* is a production of Kore-eda Hirokazu.  It was played on 11 September at the Sir Run Run Shaw Hall and received enthusiastic response.  Details of the remaining films are set out below:

The Lives of Others*

9 October 2019

|7:00 pm

|Sir Run Run Shaw Hall|

137 mins

|Category IIB

|In German with Chinese subtitles|

Director: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck

Cloud Atlas*

14 November 2019

|7:00 pm

|Sir Run Run Shaw Hall|

172 mins

|Category III

|In English with Chinese subtitles|

Director: Lana Wachowski, Tom Tykwer and Andy Wachowski

Remarks: Only suitable for persons aged 18 or above

Would all interested CUHK students, staff and alumni please visit here for on-line registration and to obtain more information about the I·CARE Theatre 2019.  For enquiries, please contact Ms. Hui of this Centre via 3943 3714 (Tel) or vickyhui@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).



After the Storm

A talented writer, Ryota published an award-winning novel 15 years ago.  Since then he had not produced any quality work.  He got a part-time job as a private detective to make ends meet and to find inspiration for his writing, but in fact he just wanted to escape from reality.  Divorced with a son, Ryota could not afford alimony as he gambled away his earnings.  He finally resorted to scouring his parents' home to look for something to pawn.  Feeling hopeless to get back his ex-wife, the only blessing he had is the opportunity to meet with his son once each month.  On the other hand, Ryota's mother appeared to be more tough and calm.  She managed to start a new life alone upon the death of her spouse.  To Ryota, he had always yearned for doing the best for his family.  Still, he was unable to be the grown-up person he had wished to be.

On a stormy typhoon night, the above four were brought together in a house where they finally got a chance to contemplate and reconcile their family bond.

The Lives of Others

In 1984, East Germany's secret police agent Wiesler was ordered to spy on the playwright Dreyman and his girlfriend Sieland.  Under all-round surveillance of Dreyman, Wiesler found himself gradually absorbed by the lives of the couple and even had forgotten about his motive in the first place.

Until one day, Dreyman published an anonymous article in a prominent West German newsweekly to reveal the long-concealed truth to the world, which infuriated the East German authorities.  Sieland was therefore arrested and interrogated about the identity of the anonymous author.  The author was not identified because of insufficient information.  Years later, Dreyman was shocked to learn that he had been under full surveillance.  He then realised that it was Wiesler who had concealed his illegal activities……

This film was awarded the Best Foreign Language Film at the 79th Academy Awards.

Cloud Atlas

Based on the same name novel by David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas comprises six different yet interconnected chapters.  Each of the chapters is closely linked, and the actions and consequences of individual lives impact one another.

The story takes place in various places and eras - the Pacific Ocean in the 19th century; Cambridge and Edinburgh in 1936; San Francisco in 1973; London in 2012; Seoul in 2144; and the post-apocalyptic Hawaii.

The six chapters include: (1) a "lawyer" was saved by an African slave from being poisoned by a doctor on his voyage back to the U.S.; (2) a "composer" produced the《Cloud Atlas Sextet》after reading the diary of the "lawyer"; (3) the scientist lover of the "composer" was killed before unveiling a conspiracy; a "journalist", who obtained the correspondences between the couple and the vinyl record of《Cloud Atlas Sextet》, decided to disclose the truth; (4) a "publisher", who had suffered from nursing home abuse, colluded with other elderly in an escape after reading the story of the "journalist"; the "publisher" then wrote a screenplay based on his own experience; (5) a "Korean cloned slave", having been inspired by the story of the "publisher", made a public broadcast of her manifesto; (6) survivors of the post-apocalyptic era led a primitive life and worshipped the "Korean cloned slave" as the God; the indigenous tribe was nearly eliminated by the cannibals which resulted in the exile of the survivors with their civilised counterparts, and they decided to continue their lives in a distant planet……


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I·CARE Theatre 2019

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