15. 09. 2019    ISSUE 21


Dear readers,

In the blink of an eye, the summer vacation has passed.  Most probably you will concur that the last term break was unrest and we have kept feeling powerless to end the turmoil. The current impasse seems to be the worst crisis ever faced by Hong Kong.  Blessedly, there remains a ray of hope that people of some kind insist to reject the seeds of hatred be implanted while they are fighting for social justice and political freedom.  Whether agreed or not, "Wo Lei Fei" (peace, rationality and non-violence) is still a force to give Hong Kong chances to start afresh.  To strengthen this force, "integrity" should be emphasised and nurtured among the young adults of whom many are receiving education in this University.

Integrity is not just about honesty, authenticity and responsibility.  The backbone of integrity is internal consistency - people with integrity are expected to have congruent beliefs and actions, and they are able to align their judgement and behaviour with their own values.  One of the lessons I learnt from my college life at CUHK is choosing to be a righteous person.  Such person should be precluded from applying different sets of standards to the circumstances that are the same.  Considering that "respect" is among my core values, I would not condone labelling the protesters as "cockroach".  Likewise, I see it inappropriate to call the police "mongrel".  Respect should be unconditional of race, creed, gender, culture, ability, and colour of shirts.  I practise respect across all populations based on my principles, not according to self-interest.  Along the same lines, I definitely disapprove of the people, who always demonise others' views, claiming themselves as the advocates for liberty.

Despite my aspiration to refresh the youth about some treasurable norms, I have indeed reciprocated a lot from them over the past three months.  At skill level, they have perfectly demonstrated the power of fast action learner, high media literacy, collaborative problem solving and multilingualism (Jacky C Fung, Researcher, Hong Kong Policy Research Institute).  I also feel ashamed of myself for not having the courage and perseverance as theirs.

To loosen the present deadlock and further resolve our society's deep-seated problems, there are no silver bullets.  But all of us have our stakes.  Do believe that everyone bears fruit for Hong Kong.  I for one will commit to upholding integrity and showing zero tolerance towards the proliferation of hatred in our home!

Sincerely yours,

Irene Ng
I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development


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