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Core Group Nurture under I·CARE Achievers Programme: Recruitment of Members

Chiefly funded by Tin Ka Ping Foundation, the I·CARE Achievers Programme is divided into two parts - "Value Exploration Series" and "Core Group Nurture".  While the former is open for all CUHK students and staff, the latter will serve 30 to 50 students a year.

This Centre is now recruiting participants of the "Core Group Nurture".  Accepted students are required to complete a number of stipulated tasks in order to attain fine quality for all-round development.

Special Features

1. Participants will enjoy flexibility to decide when and to what extent they will complete
the programme and obtain corresponding I·CARE Achiever titles:

- Cadet I·CARE Achiever
- Gold I·CARE Achiever
- Platinum I·CARE Achiever
- Grand I·CARE Achiever

Upon graduation, all title awardees will each receive a certificate issued by the University.  A medal will also be presented to the awardees of the "Grand I·CARE Achiever".

2. The stipulated tasks will help participants nurture the five attributes under the I·CARE
Framework so as to achieve holistic development:


-  Integrity and Moral Development


-  Creativity and Intellectual Development


-  Appreciation of Life and Aesthetic Development


-  Relationships and Social Development


-  Energy and Wellness

3. A number of luminaries have been invited to pair up with the participants in
accomplishing designated challenges such as camping, farming, hiking, marathon and

(Listed in no particular order)



Service Ambit

 Mr. Ng Ah-ming

 Chief Commissioner of Scout Association of Hong
 Kong; Former Deputy Cadet Corps Commander

Mentor (Camping)

 Prof. Lam Chiu-

 Former Director of the Hong Kong Observatory;
 Nature Lover

Mentor (Farming)

 Dr. Roy Chung

 Chairman of Vocational Training Council;
 Co-Founder & Non-executive Director of Techtronic
 Industries Company Ltd.

Mentor (Hiking)

 Mr. Tam Chi-keung

 Former Senior Social Worker of the Social Welfare
 Department; Former Fieldwork Supervisor of the 
 Department of Social Work of the Hong Kong
 Shue Yan University


 Mr. Bernard Chan

 Convenor of the Non-official Members of the
 Executive Council, HKSARG;
 President of Asia Financial Holdings Ltd.


 Mr. Walter Cheung

 Senior Advisor to Chief Executive, Hang Seng Bank


 Dr. Ko Wing-man

 Former Secretary for Food and Health, HKSARG;


 Prof. Poon Chung-

 President Emeritus, The Hong Kong Polytechnic


 Prof. Nyaw Mee-

 Former Vice President/ Emeritus Professor of
 Management, Lingnan University

and Tutor

 Mr. Stephen Wong

 Privacy Commissioner for Personal Data, HKSARG;

and Tutor

 Ms. Connie Lau

 Former Ombudsman, HKSARG

and Tutor

 Prof. Kenneth

 Emeritus Professor of Physics, The Chinese
 University of Hong Kong

Guest Tutor

 Ms. Christine Ma

 Founder & Chairperson, Character Education
 Foundation; Principal, JEMS Character Academy

Advisor of
Character Building

 Prof. Joseph Sung

 Former Vice-Chancellor and President, The Chinese
 University of Hong Kong

Programme Overseer


1. Three-Day Induction Programme
Participants will join the "Training Day Camp on Leadership and Team-building", "Retreat Day"
and "Workshop on Value Clarification" to develop their mental strength, inner serenity and team

2. Group Challenge
Participants will be divided into four small teams to be guided by designated mentors in organising
camping, farming, marathon and hiking events for other CUHK students.  They are also allowed to
learn the mentors' wisdom, expertise and experience.  The goal, implementation timeline and
format of the activities are to be decided by the discussion between the participants and their
respective mentors.

3. Extensive Reading Scheme
Participants are required to choose books (suggested by the erudite persons) for reading, and
subsequently attend the tutorials led by either the book-proposers or the guest tutor.


1. All full-time undergraduate students, regardless of year of study and major programme
2. Able to communicate in Cantonese
3. Interested in camping, farming, hiking, marathon or reading

Particulars of Recruitment






Please visit here



4 October 2019 (Friday)



Eligible applicants will be invited to attend an interview on 11 October 2019


Programme Introductory Session

Date:21 October 2019 (Monday)
Time:7:00 - 8:30 pm
Venue:Room 502, Wong Foo Yuan Building
Remarks:Mandatory for all accepted students

For more information about the I·CARE Achievers Programme, please click here.  If there is any enquiry, please contact Miss Wong of this Centre at 3943 1595 (Tel) or chloewong@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).


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Core Group Nurture under I·CARE Achievers Programme: Recruitment of Members

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