14. 10. 2018    ISSUE 12

I·CARE Salon (14th Session) - A Tribute to the Enlighteners

The I·CARE Salon, which is under the University Lecture on Civility, had its 13th session successfully held on 21 September.  Prof. Michel Bonnin shared his own experience and views of the movement in question, and exchanged with the audiences on The Rethink about the 1968 Student Revolt in France.

As for the 14th session of the I·CARE Salon, it has already been fixed with the title - A Tribute to the Enlighteners and will be presided by Prof. Chan Kin Man*.  Details are as follows:

Date:14 November 2018 (Wednesday)
Time:7:00 - 9:00 pm
Venue:Lecture Theatre 2, Yasumoto International Academic Park
Host:Prof. Chow Po-chung (Associate Professor of Department of Government and Public
Administration, CUHK)
Registration:Please visit here

For enquiries, please call this Centre at 3943 8621 or email to icare@cuhk.edu.hk.


*Speaker's Biography

Prof. Chan Kin Man is currently Associate Professor of Sociology at The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  He graduated from CUHK with Bachelor's Degree in Sociology and received his Doctor of Philosophy from Yale University.  As a former director of the Universities Service Centre for China Studies and founder of the Centre for Civil Society Studies of CUHK, Prof. Chan has been actively promoting civil society development in China. He has devoted himself to the Hong Kong democracy movement and was one of the major initiators of the "Occupy Central with Love and Peace" campaign.  Prof. Chan's publications include, inter alia, 《走向公民社會》 and《艱難的轉型:現代化與中國社會》 (Co-edited with Zhong Hua).

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I·CARE Salon (14th Session) - A Tribute to the Enlighteners

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