14. 10. 2018    ISSUE 12

I·CARE CUHK Campus Tour: Successfully Held

Organised by this Centre, the I·CARE CUHK Campus Tour concluded after having been run for eight times in September.  The tours were led by eight well trained senior-year students using either Cantonese, Mandarin or English.  More than a hundred freshmen joined the tours to get to know the history of CUHK, to tour around the key buildings and facilities of the university, and to hear tips for a fulfilling university life.

College system is one of the distinctive features of CUHK.  The tour guides thus introduced to participants not only the story of the four long-established colleges, but also the background and cultural values of the five new colleges.

Overall, the participants found joining I·CARE CUHK Campus Tour conducive to their understanding of the humanistic side of CUHK and their integration into the campus.

I·CARE CUHK Campus Tour: Successfully Held

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I·CARE CUHK Campus Tour: Successfully Held

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