27. 12. 2018 Issue 65
Outstanding Students Awards 2018

The first CUHK Outstanding Students Awards presentation ceremony 2018 was grandly held on 15 October on campus.  A total of 15 Science students were bestowed these prestigious awards in a number of fields, ranging from social service, sports to special achievements, in recognition of their exceptional performance and courage to encounter challenges.

Professor Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor and President, expressed his appreciation by presenting certificates to the awardees at the award presentation ceremony. He stated in his address, "I am delighted and proud of our students' achievements. To be an outstanding person, you must be willing to go the extra mile, to break through barriers and obstacles, to step out of familiar, and to make a difference in your life, to the people around you, to the campus or to the community. We hope to create an enabling environment for our students to understand and connect to the real world, to identify challenges that the world is facing, and to reflect on your responsibilities as global citizens to make the world a better place."

Full List of Awardees 

Let's listen to Mushroom-X Social Team Members:

"We feel very honored and grateful to be awarded the Outstanding Students Award in Social Service. We have been working on social innovation for the public education of sustainability awareness via mushroom. We started the journey since May 2017 through participation in the Mushroom Social Project under Food Research Centre and supported by Sustainable Knowledge Transfer Project Fund of ORKTS in serving the community for green initiatives. We are devoted in disseminating the belief of "mushroom can save the world" to the public through our mini-exhibition, workshops and over 10 showcases. In this summer, we engaged in the Mushroom Maker Programme with CUHK students of other disciplines to grow mushrooms and make spore prints together. Through the hands-on experience, people can discover the beauty of mushroom and learn to embrace the nature. The award is such a motivation for us and we truly hope to join hands together to build a more sustainable world.''

Congratulations to all awardees!


Mushroom-X Social Team served the community by offering green initiatives and promoting the beauty of mushroom.

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Outstanding Students Awards 2018
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