05. 04. 2020    ISSUE 24

Mother Nature Rocks: Progress Update

Affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, the 3rd, 4th and 6th tours of Mother Nature Rocks (respectively on “Chinese New Year × Flower Photography × Hiking”, “Wetland Exploration × Hiking” and “Star Gazing × Sunrise Seeing × Hiking”) were postponed.  Since the 5th tour titled “Backwoods Cooking × Hiking” was rolled out when the epidemic situation had manifested signs of relative stability, it could be held on the 1st of last month as planned, coupled with the strict implementation of precautionary measures as advised by the medical expert.  Participants went hiking at Ma On Shan and climbed to the Ngong Ping Plateau to enjoy the beautiful bird’s-eye view of Sai Kung.  In the middle of their journey, marshmallows were chosen as a means to demonstrate how to set fire for barbecue.

Mother Nature Rocks is a brand-new programme launched by this Centre in this academic year aiming to encourage students to explore the city’s countryside and to experience the nature afresh.  With the keynote as hiking, this programme incorporates features like eco-tourism, photography, backwoods cooking and star gazing into the tours to bring participants new perspectives on the astonishing beauty of nature.

Please stay tuned for details of the postponed activities under Mother Nature Rocks which will be announced in due course.  For enquiries, please contact Miss Li of this Centre via 3943 2306 (Tel) or laurali@cuhk.edu.hk (Email).

Mother Nature Rocks: Progress Update
Mother Nature Rocks: Progress Update
Mother Nature Rocks: Progress Update
Mother Nature Rocks: Progress Update

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