2019 No.3
Event: “Learn.Play.Fun” Workshop, Art Museum

“Learn.Play.Fun” workshops were held by the Art Museum on Saturdays from June to August at Gallery II & III, as well as Foyer and Activities Room at the East Wing of the Art Museum. By means of guided tours, handicraft and games, the workshops aim at deepening the participants’ understanding of the Shanghai school master, Ren Bonian, whose works were featured in the exhibition, “Strokes of Wonder: Figure Painting by Ren Bonian from the National Art Museum of China”. The two public sessions on 29 June (Saturday) and 6 July (Saturday) had attracted 57 participants in total; while the 7 sessions by group reservation boasted a total attendance of 167.

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Academic Reflection:「五三慘案」與蔡公時:「烈士」的塑造、被遺忘及再利用
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Event: The Opening Ceremony of "The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Painting" , Art Museum
Event: “The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Painting” Symposium, Art Museum
Event: “Simplicity and Splendour: Chinese Furniture from 18th to 20th Century” Public Lecture and Special Tour, Art Museum
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Event: “Learn.Play.Fun” Workshop, Art Museum
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Event: 123 Learn.Play.Fun (Chinese Painting) Workshop, Art Museum
Event: “Fire Gilding and Gold Inlay in Bronze Age” Public Lecture, Research Programme for Chinese Archaeology & Art
Event: “China and the Wider World: Art and Material Culture of the Qin and Han Dynasties” public lecture, Research Programme for Chinese Archaeology & Art
Event: Stephen C. Soong Translation Studies Memorial Awards 2018–2019, Research Centre for Translation
Event: Academic Seminars, Universities Service Centre for China Studies
Event: International Symposium, Universities Service Centre for China Studies
Event: Documentary Screenings, Universities Service Centre for China Studies
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