2021 No.1
Event: Art Museum: The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Painting
Exhibition Period: From 7 May 2021 to 25 July 2021

Dating back millennia, Chinese painting is astoundingly beautiful and culturally profound. The Art Museum collaborated with the Department of Fine Arts of CUHK and curated the exhibition, “The Bei Shan Tang Legacy: Chinese Painting”, in the autumn of 2019. The exhibition was well-received at the time. In response to requests from the academia and the public, the Art Museum is rerunning the exhibition to showcase the artistic achievements in paintings from the Southern Song to the Qing dynasties with 120 exhibits.

The exhibits are presented in ten sections, namely Landscapes of the Mind, Landscapes from Nature, Landscapes after the Past, Birds-and-Flowers and Miscellaneous Subjects, Daoist and Buddhist Realms, Portraits Beyond Appearances, Fair Ladies, Yangzhou Painting, Guangdong Painting, and Women Painters. The exhibition hopes to offer visitors a road map for sampling the intriguingly complex and enduringly captivating domains of Chinese painting. Strolling through the exhibition galleries, visitors may feel like travelling back in time and discovering different facets of the past.
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