2017 No.3
Editorial Board Committee

Editor : Lai Chi-tim
Members : Leung Tse-wai, Grace
Lee Kit-yee, Rene

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Interview with Professor Yip Hon Ming: A Retrospective of My Journey of Historical Inquiry Crossing Academic Boundaries
Event: ICS 50th Anniversary Celebration Activities Highlights
Event: Opening Ceremony, Public Lecture Series and Special Programmes of ''History of Gold: Masterpieces from Shaanxi" Exhibition, Art Museum
Event: Opening Ceremonies of the Exhibitions "Golden Techniques: Art of the Chinese Goldsmiths", "Universe within Inches: Bronze Mirrors Donated by Prof. Mark Kai-keung" and "A Legacy of Elegance: Oracle Bones Collection from The Chinese University of Hong Kong", Art Museum
Event: The Fifth Summer School on Chinese Translation History, Research Centre for Translation
Event: Launch of Shen Zhihua's Latest Book, co-organised by the Chinese University Press, Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture and the Universities Service Centre for China Studies
New publications
Event Highlight
Exhibition: "A Field in Bloom: Highlights of Chinese Art to Mark the 60th Anniversary of the Department of Fine Arts", Art Museum
Exhibition: "Phoenix Reborn: Chu Jades Excavated from Hubei", Art Museum
Editorial Board Committee
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