2018 No.4
Event: Ceramics Art Jamming

In order to bring the exhibition "Refilling the Interregnum: Newly Discovered Imperial Porcelains from Zhengtong, Jingtai and Tianshun Reigns (1436-1464) of the Ming Dynasty" to the community, Art Museum organized "Ceramics Art Jamming", inviting CUHK students and staff and visitors of CUHK to paint on a canvas located at various sites at CUHK campus, including The Beacon, Area outside New Asia College Ch'ien Mu Library, Cultural Plaza and Foyer, East Wing of the Art Museum of CUHK. With
the outline of imperial porcelain wares and patterns on the canvas, participants were encouraged to design patterns of porcelain wares and filled porcelain patterns with colour. Through the process of designing and filling up colours, not only did the creativity of the participants unleash, but also creating a dialogue between the participants and the past history/craftworks, leading to an interesting art jamming experience. A total of 486 took people painted on the canvas at "Ceramics Art Jamming".

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