Visit of CAS Academicians

Prof. Shen Yan, Vice-President of National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) and Academician, Division of Life Sciences and Medicine, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), together with Prof. He Lin, Professor of Shanghai Jiaotong University and Academician, Division of Life Sciences and Medicine, CAS visited the School of Biomedical Sciences on 20 March 2013.

During the visit, Prof. Shen and Prof. He were warmly received by Prof. Chan Wai-Yee, School Director, Prof. Cho Chi-Hin, Prof. Fung Kwok-Pui and Prof. Woody W.Y. Chan, Associate Directors, and Prof. Kenneth K.H. Lee, Managing Director of the Core Laboratories.  Prof. Shen and Prof. He were briefed on the latest development of our School and were guided to tour the core laboratories, the Epithelial Cell Biology Research Centre and the Animal Holding Core.  They then met with our investigators to exchange ideas on research collaborations and academic findings, followed by a sharing and discussion session with our research postgraduates on research experience and academic development.

The visit to our School was part of the "2013 CAS Academicians Visit Programme", organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong between 18 and 22 March 2013. Apart from the two Academicians mentioned above, the CAS delegation comprised three other members from the Division of Life Sciences and Medical Sciences, including Professors Rao Zihe, Chen Lin and Lin Hongxuan.

In addition to the meetings with the University's Senior Administration, the CAS delegation were also arranged to visit the School of Life Sciences and Department of Psychology.  For more information about the "2013 CAS Academicians Visit Programme", please visit: Lecture Series by Academicians and the corresponding coverage by the Office of Academic Links (China).

(From left) Prof. Woody W.Y. Chan, Prof. Cho Chi-Hin, Prof. Chan Wai-Yee, Prof. He Lin, Prof. Shen Yan, Prof. Fung Kwok-Pui and Prof. Kenneth K.H. Lee

(From left) Prof. Woody W.Y. Chan, Prof. Cho Chi-Hin, Prof. He Lin, Prof. Chan Wai-Yee, Prof. Shen Yan, Prof. Fung Kwok-Pui and Prof. Kenneth K.H. Lee

The two Academicians visit the Core Laboratories of our School

Prof. John Rudd (right) introduces the Animal Holding facilities to Prof. Shen Yan (left) and Prof. He Lin (middle)

Prof. Shen Yan (left standing) shares his idea with our investigators during the meeting

The two Academicians meet with the research postgraduates of the School

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