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Jun 01, 2015 Volume 109
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Student Interflow Programs

1. CUHK Students Won Three Prizes in the Green Competition under the Cross-Strait Green University Consortium
2. CU in Mainland & Taiwan in Summer 2015


CUHK Students Won Three Prizes in the 3rd Green Competition under the Cross-Strait Green University Consortium

The 3rd Green Competition was held in Taiwan Central University (NCU) from 18 to 22 May 2015, co-organized by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), Nanjing University (NJU) and NCU. A total of 5 teams comprising 19 CUHK students from different disciplines (including Fine Arts, Business Administration, Professional Accountancy, Nursing, Biology, Environmental Science, Food and Nutritional Sciences and Social Work) took part in the competition. Participating students from altogether 14 teams of 3 universities showed their innovative ideas and enthusiasm for protecting our living planet in their projects, with topics ranging from in-depth studies on current environmental issues to innovation and enhancement of green products. CUHK students won three prizes, becoming the university receiving the highest number of awards. A list of awarded projects is set out below:

First Prize:        iEco: Mobile App Design by NCU
Second Prize:   Duo-la: Second-hand Exchange Platform by CUHK
                        Sewage Treatment: Research Project by NJU
Third Prize:       Grow Glow Stick: Innovation Project by CUHK
                           Keyboard Fighter: Innovation Project by CUHK
                           Research on Environmental Liability Insurance by NJU

Professor Lii Kwang-Hwa, Vice President of NCU, gave remarks at the opening ceremony and encouraged students to exchange ideas on environmental protection to promote green living and sustainable development. Participating students and members of the 3 universities also had the chance to visit green sites in Taoyuan and discuss environmental issues via movie appreciation.

The Green Competition was one of the student programs developed under the Cross-Strait Green University Consortium among CUHK, NJU and NCU. The three universities take turns to co-organize the competition. The 1st Green Competition, with the theme of Environmental Protection, Sustainable Development and Green Culture was held in CUHK in 2013.


CU in Mainland & Taiwan in Summer 2015

OALC organizes a wide range of student interflow programs every summer in collaboration with various mainland and Taiwan institutions, providing the opportunities to experience different cultures and understand cross-strait developments.

In April and May 2015, 76 CUHK students participated in the following seven programs. Students had the opportunities to take part in competitions, service-learning activities (e.g. voluntary teaching and community services), field trips on special topics, cultural exploration tours and visits to historical sites and enterprises:





Tianjin University

Tianjin-Hongkong Cultural Summer Camp 2015

2 – 7 Apr


Sichuan University

The Second International Student Forum on Disaster Management and Reconstruction

11 – 17 May


Taiwan Central University

The 3rd Green Competition under Cross-Strait Green University Consortium

18 – 22 May


Communication University of China

Summer Camp on News Photography for Hong Kong University Students

24 – 30 May


Peking University

Beijing-Hong Kong Cultural Study Camp 2015

25 – 31 May


Chongqing University

Summer Camp on Three Gorges Culture

26 May – 2 Jun


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Shanghai-Hong Kong Cultural Study Camp 2015

29 May – 2 Jun


Shaoguan University

Shaoguan Service-Learning Camp for Pre-service Teachers: Phase 3

31 May – 11 Jun


Group photo of CUHK staff and students after the competition

Mission accomplished! CUHK “Keyboard fighters” received a “big” cheque

The “Duo-la” team presented their ideas to the adjudication panel

Student ambassadors of NCU gave a campus tour to participants

Participating students visited Back Ci Hu of Taoyuan County after the competition

Field Visit to disaster areas in the Beichuan earthquake (Photo Credit: Wong Fu Tsz To)

Students of Sichuan University demonstrated hazard drills and relief work (Photo Credit: Wong Fu Tsz To)

The first group photo of Hong Kong participating students after reaching Tianjin (Photo credit: Chan Tsz Ki)

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