03 Oct 2006, Issue 3


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Alumni Consultation Forum on the "Draft Report of the Committee on Bilingualism" (21 Oct 2006)
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Career Opportunities at Hi-tech Companies of Hong Kong Science & Technology Parks
Believe It or Not! 6 CU Alumni in One Family
The Million-dollar Myth of the University Mall
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Photo of the Yeung's Family - (front row, from left to right) Yeung's wife, Yeung's granddaughter, Yeung's elder daughter, Yeung's granddaughter, Yeung, (2nd Row, from left to right) Yeung's son, Yeung's daugther-in-law, Yeung's younger daughter and Yeung's son-in-law
Believe It or Not! 6 CU Alumni in One Family

Wish you a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! Riding on this special occasion (though it's 3 more days to go) celebrating abundance and togetherness, "E" wants to share with you an interesting story of a family in which 6 of its members are CU alumni.

Marriages among alumni is not uncommon in our alumni community. But can you imagine having SIX alumni in one family? Meet Mr Yeung Yok Wah, an NA alumnus and the proud father of this unique CU family! Yeung met Tsang, his better half dated back from the year when he was studying in CU. They were acquianted with each together through college gatherings. Sharing common interest, they soon turned from friends into a couple. It is now the 40th anniversary of their marriage and they are still closer than ever.

As the saying goes, 'the apple never falls far from the tree'; Yeung's children also chose to further their studies at CU: Yeung's only son studied in MBA while his younger daughter studied in Medicine and Surgery. Although Yeung's elder daugther graduated from a university abroad, she has been actively joining the courses offered by the University's School of Continuing and Professional Studies. Careful readers may notice that we have talked about 4 CU alumni in the family so far. So where are the other two? Turned out both Yeung's children were eventually married to CU graduates, just like their parents!

There you have it, our 6-in-1 alumni family! If you have other interesting alumni family stories to share, please contact "E"!


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