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Jul 01, 2018 Volume 146
Office of Academic Links(China)
Strategic Outreaching Trip

1. Vice-Chancellor Rocky Tuan Leads Visits to Taiwan Universities and Institutions for Closer Collaborative Relationships
2. Pro-Vice-Chancellor Isabella Poon Visits National Chiao Tung University


Vice-Chancellor Rocky Tuan Leads Visits to Taiwan Universities and Institutions for Closer Collaborative Relationships


Professor Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor of The Chinese University of Hong Kong  (CUHK), led a university delegation to Taiwan from 22 to 27 June 2018. Visits were paid to various local universities and institutions to strengthen multipartite collaborative relationships.  Also in the delegation are Professor Fok Tai-fai, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK; Professor Wong Suk-ying, Associate Vice President and Ms Wing Wong, Director of Academic Links (China).


The delegates visited National Taiwan University (NTU), Chang Gung University (CGU), National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), National Yang Ming University (NYMU), Fu Jen Catholic University (FJU), University System of Taiwan (UST), Academia Sinica (AS) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). Meetings were held with respective senior members, including Professor Kuo Tei-Wei, Acting President of NTU; Professor Frank Chang, President of NCTU; Professor Steve Kuo, President of NYMU; Professor Ovid Tzeng, President of UST; Professor James Liao, President of AS; Professor Hong Ho-Cheng, President of National Tsing Hua University; Professor Jou Jing-yang, President of National Central University; Professor Pao Chia-Chu, President of CGU; Professor Chiang Han-Sun, President of FJU and Professor Chang Pei-Zen, Executive Vice President of ITRI.


Professor Tuan introduced the University's Strategic Plan and Greater China Engagement Strategy during the meetings.  Each side reported the latest developments of their respective institutions while discussing specific directions for future research collaboration and academic links. CUHK and NTU renewed university-level collaboration agreement at the bilateral meeting.  During his stay in Taiwan, President Tuan and Professor Wong Suk-ying also attended the Annual Presidents' Meeting of The Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU) hosted by NTU, exchanging ideas of university management and education with leaders of tertiary institutions worldwide.


CUHK has been in close contact and cooperation with Taiwan's various institutions, ranging from research collaboration, student interflow and joint curriculum.  Professor Tuan's visit consolidated the existing collaborative efforts of CUHK in Taiwan and enhanced ties for future collaborations.


Pro-Vice-Chancellor Isabella Poon Visits National Chiao Tung University


The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) held a joint seminar on e-learning and teaching development on 19 June on NCTU campus.  Professor Isabella Poon, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, led a delegation to join the event. She was accompanied by Professor Hau Kit-tai, Choh-Ming Li Professor of Educational Psychology and Former Pro-Vice-Chancellor; Professor Irwin King, Associate Faculty Dean of Engineering; Professor Paul Lam, Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research; Professor Jimmy Lee, Associate Dean of Students of New Asia College and Professor of Department of Computer Science and Engineering and Dr. Wong Wing-hung, Associate Programme Director of General Education Foundation Programme.


The delegates met with Professor Chen Sin-Horng, Senior Vice President of NCTU and Professor Henry Lu, Vice President for Academic Affairs.  Both sides took turns to give presentations and actively raise suggestions on hot topics across the two regions, which include flipped classrooms, mixed modes of tutorials, electronic and online teaching and learning (including the use of MOOCs), teaching technologies, as well as teaching and learning enhancement. 

CUHK first concluded a collaboration agreement with NCTU in modern mathematics and science.  The two universities established exchange and cooperation in 2010 and have maintained active liaison and linkage since then.  This visit contributed to the launch of new modes of collaboration in educational research, paving the way for the further development of partnership.

Professor Rocky Tuan (middle), Vice-Chancellor signs a collaboration agreement with NTU

CUHK delegates visit NTU Center of Genomic Medicine

Professor Rocky Tuan (third from right), Vice-Chancellor visits Academia Sinica

Professor Rocky Tuan (middle), Vice-Chancellor exchanges souvenirs with Professor Frank Chang, President of NCTU

Members of CUHK and NYMU discuss collaboration plans

Representatives of CUHK and UST gather for a dinner

Professor Rocky Tuan (third from right), Vice-Chancellor visits FJU

Delegates from CUHK meet with members of CGU

Professor Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor visits research facilities of ITRI

Professor Rocky Tuan attends the Annual Presidents’ Meeting of APRU

Ms Wing Wong (second from right), Director of Academic Links (China), visits NCCU

Professor Isabella Poon (middle), Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK poses for a group photo with faculty members of CUHK and NCTU

Professor Isabella Poon, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of CUHK and colleagues visit teaching facilities of NCTU

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