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May 01, 2019 Volume 156
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Partnership and Collaboration

1. Cross-Strait Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences Convened in Taiwan
2.  "My Love" Completes World Tour in Shenzhen


Cross-Strait Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences Convened in Taiwan


The Cross-Strait Forum on Humanities and Social Sciences 2019, was convened on 26 and 27 April at National Central University (NCU) in Taiwan. CUHK members participating in the activities included Professor Lai Pan-chiu, Faculty Dean of Arts; Professor Chiu Chi-yue, Faculty Dean of Social Science; Professor Leung Yuen-sang, Professor of History and Professor Puk Wing-kin, Department of History.


The Forum, with the theme of "Reappearance, Inheritance and Transcendence: The 100th Anniversary of the May Fourth Movement", attracted an audience of around 100 scholars and students.  Delegates had a comprehensive exploration of the essence, development and significance of the May Fourth Movement, as well as its interactions with politics, economy, history and culture.  Professor Leung and Professor Puk of CUHK delivered talks at panel sessions to share with other guests their views on the theme from such perspectives as the southward shift of classical studies and the influence of media.  Professor Leung also chaired one of the panel sessions. The two Faculty Deans gave respective remarks at the opening and closing ceremonies on behalf of CUHK. The seventh Board Meeting was also held during the Forum to discuss the overall development and future directions. 

The Cross-Strait Forum was first convened by CUHK together with NCU and Nanjing University in 2007, which later expanded its board member institutions to seven by including Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Fudan University, National Taiwan University and Peking University.  As the forum secretariat, CUHK is the coordinating unit of the forum and administrative office of the annual board meeting.  Please click here for details of past forums.


"My Love" Completes World Tour in Shenzhen


Planned by, written by and starring Dr. Anita Leung, council member of The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) and alumnus, the stage drama series "My Love" completed its world tour with a total of 11 sessions.  The final station was held at Shenzhen Poly Theatre from 18 to 20 April, which was co-organized by the Federation of Alumni Associations of CUHK and CUHK (Shenzhen), and jointly supported by a number of administrative units of CUHK.  Several hundred alumni attended the reunion banquet in Hong Kong after the drama performance.


Alongside CUHK alumni performing on stage, various senior members of the University made appearances in the guest session on 20 April, including Dr. Norman Leung, Chairman of University Council; Professor Rocky Tuan, Vice-Chancellor; Professor Fok Tai-fai and Professor Chan Wai-yee, Pro-Vice-Chancellors; college heads / masters as well as Professor Xu Yangsheng, President of CUHK (Shenzhen).  Also in the audience were government officials, members of partner institutions and organizations, and CUHK alumni around the world, contributing to a full house of over 1500 in the theatre.


The performance of "My Love" has its final stop of its world tour in Shenzhen after being brought on stage in Hong Kong, Vancouver and Beijing.  More than 12,000 spectators were attracted to the total of 11 sessions.  Special thanks to the donors' generous support to the drama performance, which amounts to over 150 million Hong Kong dollars and is expected to be donated to CUHK for the University's development and advancement.  The successful conclusion of the drama performance has rallied strength of the CUHK alumni, enhancing the profound friendship between CUHK and universities as well as research organizations in various parts of the world especially those in Beijing and Shenzhen.

Delegates pose for a group photo at the forum venue

Around 100 scholars from Hong Kong and Taiwan gather at the forum to discuss the May Fourth Movement

Professor Lai Pan-chiu (second from right), Faculty Dean of Arts of CUHK officiates at the opening ceremony of the forum

CUHK alumni flock to Shenzhen Poly Theatre for the stage drama series “My Love” and celebrate the University’s 55th anniversary

Various senior members of the University make guest appearances on stage

CUHK alumni pose for a group photo to capture the wonderful moments at the reunion banquet held in Hong Kong

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