ITSC eNewsletter, Issue 148 17 Jan, 2014

1. A Blissful Year of the Horse
2. Heads Up While Creating Online Form
3. We are Geared Up for Your Budget Work!
4. Your CU Memory: A Wonderful Hall to the Magical Mall
5. Goodbye, CUHK e-Card Service
6. Get Your CUHK VPN On and Off - Reminder for Win 8 / Win 8.1 Users
7. Support a Green CUHK – Avoid Garbage Printing
8. CU Hot Job! New Student Computer Assistants Recruitment
9. User Areas, Learning Commons and CU Link Card Centre Opening Hours during Chinese New Year Holidays (30 Jan – 3 Feb)
10. Feature: Is Wi-Fi Harmful to My Health?

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2. Heads Up While Creating Online Form

Welcome back! A new semester has been started and, at the same time loads of administrative work and academic research are coming. Now, look at your work schedule. Are you going to do a survey, a questionnaire or collect any data for analysis? Are you preparing an online form for your data collection? If yes, you should stay with this article or otherwise, you might fall prey to personal data leakage or violation of privacy by collecting too much personal data or using a less-secured platform.  

Whenever making an online form, you MUST

1.      Collect only the data that are necessary to be collected or used;

2.      Avoid to use public cloud online form, like Google Form or Vendor Solution, while your data collection includes :

           ·   University ID/ HKID,

           ·   Other personal identifier, e.g. email address/ contact number/ home address;

3.       In your form, include the Privacy Policy Statement (PPS), illustrating your handling of the data collected, and

4.       the Personal Information Collection (PIC) Statement or a non-disclosure agreement, stating your purpose of data collection.

You are highly recommended to use a secured platform, for instance, the ITSC WebForm, while collecting the sensitive information including the abovementioned personal data. If you want to know the features of the ITSC WebForm, follow our next issue as we are going to show you the special of this platform!


·      The University's Guidelines in Protection of Personal Data (Privacy)

·      ITSC Privacy Policy in Collecting, Holding and Using of Personal Data

Create your online form with a secured platform!

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