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Jul 01, 2017 Volume 134
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Taiwan Studies Project

The Ministry of Education (MOE) of Taiwan is seeking international partnership to promote worldwide research interest in Taiwan via the establishment of Taiwan Studies Project.  


The project is defined as interdisciplinary or academic research and teaching germane to the study of Taiwan. Proposed studies may focus on topical issues in humanities and social sciences as well as other areas of significant research and pedagogical interests.  It provides funding to support courses, scholarly visits and exchange, publications, scholarships, databases and archives, and academic activities.  Successful applications may receive funding support of up to USD100,000 per year. Details of the project and application procedures can be found at (click here).


If you are interested in submitting an application, please send the application materials to our Office by 11 Aug 2017.  Enquiries can be forwarded to Ms. Samantha Wong of our Office at 39438721 or via 

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