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I·CARE Achievers Programme: Tryout Activities

Commencement of the full-fledged I·CARE Achievers Programme has been postponed to Term 1 of 2018-19.  To gauge the effectiveness of part of its activities, this Centre is going to launch a few tryout activities in February - March exclusively for students who have earlier shown interest in the I·CARE Achievers Programme.

Details of the activities are as follows:

i)  Workshop on Value Clarification

Date:8 February 2018 (Thursday)
Venue:Room 502, Wong Foo Yuan Building
Time:7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Content:Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, renowned in leadership training around the world, established a
specific learning model namely the Leadership Challenge® to demonstrate the abstract ideas
about leadership in a concrete way.  By utilising the training tool for "Modelling the Way" under
Student Leadership Challenge® (a key part of the Leadership Challenge®), participants will be
assisted to clarify their own value system.  Their potential will further be developed after their belief
and action are aligned.
Tutor:Irene Ng (Director, I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development)
Ms. Ng is a Certified Facilitator in the Student Leadership Challenge®.  She has been working on
student affairs for over 15 years and was in the employ of radio station and large social welfare
agency respectively.
Deposit:HKD $50*

ii)  Training Camp on Self-esteem & Perseverance**

Date:9 and 10 March 2018 (Friday and Saturday)
Venue:Breakthrough Youth Village, Shatin
Time:2:00 pm - 4:00 pm of the following day
Content:Good psychological quality, soft skills and interpersonal relationship are all vital to facilitate your
face of different challenges arisen from university studies.  In the camp, participants will take part
in a wide range of adventure-based activities so as to strengthen their self-esteem, perseverance,
leadership and team spirit.
Trainer:Breakthrough Renewal Pavilion
Deposit:HKD $200*

iii)  Retreat Day**

Date:11 March 2018 (Sunday)
Venue:Tsz Shan Monastery, Tai Po
Content:If a pit stop is needed within your busy campus life, this non-religious retreat day will suffice.
Participants will be given chances to practise meditation, join the silent meal, and experience Zen
calligraphy etc., to achieve inner serenity and grasp the "here and now".
Trainer:Education Department of Tsz Shan Monastery
Deposit:HKD $100*

*    Deposit will be refunded upon attendance on the event day
**   Participants are only allowed to choose either activity between activities ii and iii

Information about the above activities have already been provided for the interested students via email.  Screening will be undertaken by this Centre should the quota be exceeded.  In the case of under-enrolment, the remaining places will be open to other students.  Would those who want to join these activities but have not received individual email before please fill out personal particulars here.

If there is any enquiry, please contact Miss Yeung of this Centre at 3943 3359 or email to

I·CARE Achievers Programme: Tryout Activities

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