2019 No.2
Event: Museum Backstage
The Museum Backstage series in May and June invited colleagues of the Art Museum to share with students about their job duties. On 29 May (Wednesday), Mr. Xie Guanghan from Suzhou's famous painting mounting family together with his apprentices Mr. Leung Kai Hin and Ms. Yeung Mung Chuk had a delightful afternoon sharing their insights with the students. As for 17 June (Monday), not only did the trio rerun the great sharing session, the Director of the museum, Prof. Josh Yiu, also joined in and shared with the students his curatorial experiences. The three sessions had been attended by 57 students in total.


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Academic reflection: 中國現代派與歐洲左翼文藝的研究──兼論封存七十年的戴望舒〈致艾田伯〉信函
Event: Young Scholars' Forum in Chinese Studies 2019 jointly organised by CUHK–Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Asia-Pacific Centre for Chinese Studies (CCK-APC) and Institute of Chinese Studies (ICS) (23–25 May 2019)
Event: The 6th Museum Professional Exchange Programme: Exhibition Planning and Collection Management
Event: Reimagining Chinese Art: A Competition of Interdisciplinary Explorations
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Event: Museum Backstage
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