High Table Dinner and Dinner Events

The Fourth High Table Dinner (2015–16)

The Fourth High Table Dinner of the academic year 2015–16 was held on 20 April 2016. The guest of honour on this occasion was Ms Lina Yan Hau Yee, who gave an inspiring speech on 'Our Pride and Our Treasure'.

Ms Yan graduated from United College, The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1969. She is the Past Chairman of CUHK Convocation (1999–2008), Advisor and the 23rd (2000/2001) & 35th (2012/2013) President of The Federation of Alumni Associations of CUHK. A devoted educator, Ms Yan has worked as a teacher, then as the vice-principal of a secondary school, and later joined Radio Television Hong Kong and when she left in 1995, was the Head of RTHK's Education Television Division. She has continued to serve the community in many different supervisory and advisory roles and as a member of different groups and associations.

Ms Yan shared her choice in entering CUHK, and prompted students to treasure their time at the University and the College. Inspiring students with her own stories, she hoped that students would live up to the motto of the College, Cultus et Beneficentia, and be proud of being CUHK students, and eventually as alumni. She encouraged students to start building their network from people around, who could be their roommates, project teammates, or friends from student associations and interest groups. Through communication with people from different backgrounds, students will learn to accommodate various views and to achieve win-win situations.

In addressing the first graduating class of the College, Ms Yan introduced the CUHK Convocation and The Federation of Alumni Associations of CUHK (CUHK FAA). She was happy to learn about the formation of the Alumni Club of the College, and looked forward to the establishment of a formal Alumni Association, and eventually its joining the CUHK FAA.

Ms Yan had great confidence in students' achieving excellence, and hoped students would not only make CUHK their pride and their treasure, but also make themselves the University's pride and treasure.

Workshop on Dining Etiquette

The College organised a Workshop on Dining Etiquette on 15 April 2016, introducing students to western dining etiquette. The Workshop was hosted by Ms Gentiana Cheung from the School of Hotel and Tourism Management, CUHK, and was set in the mode of a social dinner. Students, teachers and staff were invited to join the dinner.

With live demonstration, Ms Cheung gave a comprehensive sharing that covered many topics. From the moment participants sat down, the Workshop began even before dinner was served; questions such as 'am I sitting with the right post', 'which glass was mine' or 'should I ask for that butter' were answered as Ms Cheung guided the participants step by step. Participants learnt about the correct way to eat a bread or soup, to hold and swirl wine, to toast, where to leave one's napkin and more.

Participants enjoyed a full course dinner, had a cordial exchange with each other, and brought home skills that would benefit them for life.

Last communal dinner in 2015–16

The last communal dinner in Term 2, 2015–16 was held on 21 April 2016. The College prepared fruits to help students maintain a balanced and healthy diet during the examination period, and to wish them the best in exams and papers.
Ms Lina Yan Hau Yee
Ms Lina Yan Hau Yee
Ms Lina Yan Hau Yee (left) and Prof Kenneth Young, College Master (right)
Ms Lina Yan Hau Yee (left) and Prof Kenneth Young, College Master (right)
Ms Gentiana Cheung
Ms Gentiana Cheung
Workshop on Dining Etiquette
Workshop on Dining Etiquette

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