Hostel Events and Initiatives

The Lanson Mini Library and Reading Room

The Lanson Mini Library and Reading Room on 2/F of the Ina Ho Chan Un Chan Building, CWC, currently has a collection of about 6,000 books, donated by various friends and colleagues.

With professional advice from Ms Louise Jones, University Librarian, the College has been doing rudimentary cataloguing work, with the aim of having these books sorted and shelved in a well-organised manner, according to 11 categories, by the end of summer 2016.

College students were engaged to complete this meaningful task, so that members of the CWC community will be able to benefit from these books' wisdom from the next academic year onwards.

Recycling Effort

To raise environmental awareness and to encourage students to be responsible residents, the College has undertaken the following measures around the check-out period of the academic year 2015–16.

• Maintenance of books in the Mini Library and Reading Room, and clearance of unidentified and unclaimed print and non-print materials by donating them to NGOs
• Collection of used textbooks and other recyclable domestic items
• Recycling of unwanted but usable items collected by allowing CWC students to collect them free of charge during the hostel move-in period in Term 1, 2016–17

With the support of the Residents' Association (RA), the above measures have also been announced, in addition to formal channel, to students via the RA's Facebook page.

Cake Pop Day

Ms Mica Fu, Resident Tutor, organised a Cake Pop Day on 12 April 2016. About 10 College students joined and had fun making personalised pieces of dessert cake with shapes that resemble 'Chupa Chups' lollipops.

Joy of Living Meditation Workshops

Mr Benjamin Li, Resident Tutor, organised two sessions of Joy of Living Meditation Workshops on 14 and 21 April 2016 respectively, in cooperation with Tergar Meditation Centre Hong Kong. Participants had discussion on happiness, stress relieving techniques and positive thinking in a friendly atmosphere.

The Lanson Mini Library and Reading Room
The Lanson Mini Library and Reading Room
Joy of Living Meditation Workshop
Joy of Living Meditation Workshop
Cake Pop Day
Cake Pop Day

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