27. 05. 2018    ISSUE 9

I·CARE Theatre - Ended for Now

Co-organised by this Centre and The Office of the Arts Administrator, the I·CARE Theatre has presented a fine selection of films under the theme "Glitter in the Gloom" since January.  Altogether six films were screened, and each of them attracted hundreds of audiences.

For The Shawshank Redemption played on 12 March, there was a post-screening sharing session hosted by Prof. Chow Po-chung, Department of Government and Public Administration and Dr. Au Ka-lun, School of Journalism and Communication.  During the one-hour sharing session, participants were eager to express their thoughts and feelings stirred by the film.  It emerged a meaningful discussion.

The I·CARE Theatre was concluded by a finale of three films in a chain, namely An, Nobody Knows and Once on 13 April.  A small party was held during the intermission at the foyer of Sir Run Run Shaw Hall where the participants enjoyed light refreshments (including dorayaki as the iconic snack in An) accompanied by the music from the soundtrack of Once.  This finale once captured nearly 370 audiences in between 7:00 pm and 1:30 am of the following day.  Upon the ending, all audiences took a group photo to record the memorable moment.


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I·CARE Theatre - Ended for Now
I·CARE Theatre - Ended for Now
I·CARE Theatre - Ended for Now
I·CARE Theatre - Ended for Now

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I·CARE Theatre - Ended for Now

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