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CUSE Fund Award Presentation Ceremony 2017-18

This Centre set up the "CUSE Fund" in 2015-16 aiming to support CUHK students and alumni within 3 years from graduation in establishing or expanding their social enterprises.  Each successful applicant (on individual or group basis) will receive a maximum of HK$100,000 as seed money to actualise their business plans with social missions.  This year, three projects were funded.

In the "CUSE Fund" Award Presentation Ceremony held on 11 April, Mr. Eric Yip and Mr. Francis Chan, two of the donors and mentors of the Fund, kindly turned up to present the award certificates.  Prof. Wong Hung, Department of Social Work and Ms. Irene Ng, Director of this Centre were also there.

The synopsis of the awarded projects is set out below: 

i)  iSEE Mobile Apps (iSEE)

iSEE is a team comprising social workers, programmers, teachers, university students and people with disabilities.  It aims to break barriers through information technology and to provide services and opportunities to the disabled to promote their equal participation.  With the help of mobile technology, people with disabilities are believed to be able to overcome their physical restriction when connecting with the society, thus reinstate a normal life.  As such, iSEE has developed a mobile app for the visually impaired.  This app has simple layout design and is compatible with smartphone screen readers.  It also supports recognition of colors, Chinese and English texts, and common objects.  Besides, iSEE provides one-stop consultation service on web accessibility to its clients, which includes testing and solutions, development, as well as promotion and training.  Currently, iSEE is providing web accessibility consultation to the HKSAR Government, NGOs and elderly centres, and it will extend its services to the private enterprise sector in the long run.

ii)  Festyle

The business of Festyle is selling ready-to-cook meal packages to customers with an aim to promote empowerment and employability of housewives by encouraging them to exercise their strengths and unleash their potential.  It also offers flexible working hours to help these housewives achieve work-family life balance.  All meal packages are prepared by experienced housewives through which busy households will be able to enjoy hassle-free, homey and nutritious meals at home.

iii) Your Wellness Partner (YWPHK)

YWPHK bears a mission to promoting "animal-assisted therapy" which facilitates people in need (including those with learning disabilities, mental or mood disorders, physical challenge, and the chronically bedridden patients) to attain physical, psychological, social and spiritual well-being.  The therapists, together with trained service dogs, will provide suitable and therapeutic intervention for the service recipients.  Besides, YWPHK promotes animal welfare to the general public through organising seminars and talks.

To learn more about "CUSE Fund", you may email Miss Fong of this Centre at karenfong@cuhk.edu.hk or click here to visit the designated Facebook page.

CUSE Fund Award Presentation Ceremony 2017-18
CUSE Fund Award Presentation Ceremony 2017-18
CUSE Fund Award Presentation Ceremony 2017-18
CUSE Fund Award Presentation Ceremony 2017-18

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CUSE Fund Award Presentation Ceremony 2017-18

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