11 NOV 2022 ISSUE 12
1. From the Acting University Librarian

Welcome from the Library. We are looking forward to supporting your study and research with our extensive collections and full range of services.

In this edition of our newsletter, we highlight a prominent collection we have in our Library. The Chinese Overseas Collection which covers rich research materials on Chinese immigrants in various countries from the 19th century to the present day was established in 2002 from holdings of the Overseas Chinese Archives the library received from the Chinese Overseas Studies Centre of CUHK. 

We also opened the new Hong Kong Literature space on the 1/F University Library recently which not only contains our print materials and exhibits but also provides multimedia facilities for users to explore and research Hong Kong Literature. Currently we also have an exhibition celebrating 20 years of the Hong Kong Literature collection that will run until December 31st, 2022. The exhibition showcases more than 100 selected items we have in our collection on aspects of Hong Kong literary history. Please take time to explore the exhibition and the new Hong Kong Literature area.  

Summer was also a busy time in the Library as we undertook a number of renovations including some of our toilet facilities and the redevelopment of our user education room area on the G/F University Library which will open soon. We combined the two user education rooms into one large teaching space equipped with the latest AV systems. Chung Chi College Library was also closed over summer to allow for accessibility works to improve and enlarge the lift in the Library. 

Our summer works weren’t only physical as we also redesigned our website, and it now has a new fresh look and is better suited to being accessed across various devices.   

Lastly, good luck on your exams! 

John Bahrij
Acting University Librarian



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