11 NOV 2022 ISSUE 12
5. What’s New & Upcoming?

Renovation Project of the User Education Room and Group Study Room at the University Library

The User Education Room 1 & 2 and Group Study Room 8 & 9 are closed for refurbishment and renovation from May to December 2022.

The renovation project includes:

Merging User Education Room 1 & 2 on G/F University Library

The renovated space will be enlarged and revitalized to enhance students' learning experience. With a capacity of 40-60 users, the room will be flexible to accommodate a wide range of activities, including:  
  • face-to-face workshops and events, such as book talks
  • self-service study space with interactive TV projection
  • online conferencing and teaching, and more

Relocating Group Study Room 8 & 9 to the 3/F of University Library Extension

Group Study Room 8 & 9 have been relocated from the G/F of the University Library (UL) to the 3/F of the University Library Extension and re-numbered as GSR 19  and GSR20. (The original GSR 19 on 4/F UL has been re-numbered as GSR 21.) These two new rooms are slightly bigger than before and benefit from the freshly painted wall, re-carpeted floor and a new table while retaining the same computing facilities, LED screens and whiteboard as other GSRs.  



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