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I·CARE Achievers Programme: Trial Activities

Soon after last month's announcement of the I·CARE Achievers Programme, nearly a hundred students have indicated their wish of participation.  Given the postponement of the full-fledged programme to Term 1 of 2018-19, a number of trial activities will be launched in February - April of 2018 for earlier enrolment of the students who have shown interest in the I·CARE Achievers Programme. They include:

i)Workshop on Value Clarification (evening)

Date:8 February 2018
Venue:Room 502, Wong Foo Yuan Building
Content:By utilising the training tool for "Modelling the Way" under Student Leadership Challenge®,
participants will be assisted to clarify their own value system.  Their potential will further be
developed after their belief and action are aligned.

ii)Training Camp on Self-esteem & Perseverance (2 days and 1 night)

Date:9-10 March 2018
Venue:Breakthrough Youth Village, Shatin
Content:Participants will take part in a wide range of adventure-based activities so as to strengthen their
self-esteem, perseverance, leadership and team spirit.

iii)Retreat Day (whole day)

Date:11 March 2018
Venue:Tsz Shan Monastery, Tai Po
Content:Participants will practise meditation and join the silent meal, etc. to achieve inner serenity and grasp
the "here and now".

iv)Group Session on Character Building (once a week, altogether four weeks)

Date:April 2018
Venue:Room 502, Wong Foo Yuan Building
Content:Through the Character Education Foundation's model, the good virtue of participants, e.g. respect,
kindness, integrity, empathy, appreciation, passion and responsibility, will be facilitated. These are
expected to help handle adversity.

More details and the registration method of the aforementioned activities will be provided for the students concerned by email.  Should there be remaining places, they will be open to other students.

If there is any enquiry, please contact Miss Leung of this Centre at 3943 1595 or email to micheleleung@cuhk.edu.hk.


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I·CARE Achievers Programme: Trial Activities

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