15. 12. 2017    ISSUE 4


Dear students,

As the days grow colder and the nights get darker, it is time to look back over the many episodes in the first term of this academic year that have been a part of your busy and fulfilling university life.

I think you have had great fun and experienced much excitements in these few months through joining various orientation programmes, inter-hostel competitions, midnight suppers and athletic / aquatic meets, as well as preparing for the election to become an executive committee member of different student societies, etc.  You may also have felt, at times, agitated or miserable because of a tremendous amount of courseworks and the packed timetable for exams.  Notwithstanding the ups and downs, your days in CUHK will be an important period for mental development and self-discovery during which you are able to re-affirm your values, characters and other attributes.  There are many opportunities for you to enjoy the sweet smell of success, to establish a pleasing friendship with classmates, and to unleash unexpected talent……provided you will not give up.

As you are aware, stresses and strains can influence your emotional, social and physical well-being.  In order to deal with your pressure in a positive way, you are advised to take time out from your fast-based schedules to relax, reflect and refresh.  Our campus is built on a scenic hillside which is yet pedestrian-friendly.  You may take full advantage of it for an "eco-therapy" to release your anxiety, panic and depression instead of popping a pill.

Start going for a walk in this revishing campus now!  You will see what you have never noticed before - a red leaf falling from a tree, fresh grass swaying in the wind, birds hopping between branches, frogs croaking in the boggy holes.  With the festive season approaching, I truly wish you happiness and health!

Sincerely yours,

Irene Ng
I·CARE Centre for Whole-person Development

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

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