17. 02. 2020 Issue 68
Science Alumni Sharing: Steps to become a Science Teacher

In the evening of 15 January, 2020, five alumni came back to CUHK after a full day of hard work and lessons to share with more than 70 fellow students their life as a science teacher.

Alumni entering the field for a few years shared how they embark on the journey as a science teacher. The very first step is to get well-prepared during your undergraduate studies, that is to grasp every single opportunity that you can be in touch with students so as to get yourself familiar with the subject curriculum and the school setting. The first tip also unveiled the importance of having internship and teaching experience. Next, do think of ways to stand out from the crowd in your postgraduate diploma applications and interviews. Among the many tips that they shared, the most significant one is to always remind yourself the spirit of science and the essence of science education.

The experienced science teachers generously shared what they have gained after being a science teacher. They also unfolded the reasons why some of their peers keep their perseverance as teachers while some finally chose to leave the education field, reiterating the essence and belief that a science teacher should have and hold in order to develop the career into a lifelong one.

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Undergraduate and Postgraduate Graduation Ceremonies
Walk-in Consultation by Science Student Academic Advisors & CV Clinic
Science Alumni Sharing: Steps to become a Science Teacher
Highly Cited Researchers 2019
Newly Elected Member of The Hong Kong Academy of Sciences
Developing Novel Quantum Sensing Techniques to Measure Pressure-driven Superconductivity with Nano-diamonds
Croucher Senior Research Fellowship 2020
Raising Public’s Awareness of Rare Diseases
Revealing Underestimated Carbon Stores in Tidal Wetlands
Redefining Coding and Non-Coding RNAs
Faculty Exemplary Teaching Award 2019
International Science Experience Week 2019 at the United Arab Emirates University
Devising a Rapid Test for a Banana Disease and Wins Gold Award in iGEM Competition 2019
Physics Alumnus Shares Workplace Tips
Outstanding Alumni Service Award – Career Development

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