Issue 005
Oct 2015
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Successful GRF/ECS projects for 2015-16

The Faculty is pleased to receive 24 GRF/ECS projects for 2015-16, with over $10M funding support from the Research Grants Council (RGC).

Principal Investigator(s)Dept/CentreType of SchemeProject Title
Professor Cheng Sea LingANTGRF Love's Refuge: The Meanings of Intimacy for African Asylum-seekers and Refugees in Hong Kong
Professor Kuan TeresaANTGRF Repairing Relationships: An Ethnographic Study of the Development of Family Therapy in China
Professor Fan Sin PiuCHIGRF 香港《立報》 (1938-1941) 副刊研究
Professor Kwong Ho Yee ConnieCHIGRF The Reception of French Leftist Intellectuals by Chinese Modernists in the 1930s and 1940s
Professor Tsui WaiCHIGRF Narrative vs Lyric: Transitional Changes of Ci and the Practice of Cishi Reconsidered (1840-1911)
Professor Chung PeichiCRSGRF The Online Distribution for Application Game Developers in Hong Kong, China and South Korea
Professor Huang WeishanCRSGRF Buddhist Gentrification: Spatial and Social Analysis of Buddhist Revival in Contemporary Urban Shanghai
Professor Lim Song HweeCRSGRF After Taiwan New Cinema: Authorship, Transnationality, Historiography
Professor Chan Tsz Yan EvelynENGGRF The Perilous Inheritances of Joseph Conrad's Heroes
Professor Mok Kar Leung HaroldFAAGRF Renjian Huahui: Left-wing Artists and Their Activities in Hong Kong in the 1930s and 1940s
Professor Wang Shi Yuan WilliamFOAGRF Multi-sensory Integration and Language in the Elderly: An Electroencephalographic Comparison of Normal Ageing & Dementia
Professor Zheng JieFOAGRF The "Cultural Elite State", "Cultural Strategies" and the "Public Art" Planning System in Shanghai's Urban Development
Professor Choi Chi CheungHISGRF Reenacting "Cultural China" in the twentieth century: Chinese communal hungry ghost festivals in Hong Kong, Kobe and Singapore
Professor Hsiung Ping ChenHISGRF Aging in Late Imperial China: Advice and Practice
Professor Noah ShustermanHISGRF Militia Mania: Weapons and Citizenship in the Early Modern Atlantic World
Professor Tang ChungHISGRF Jade Technologies and Raw Material Exchanges in Prehistoric Northeast Asia: An Archaeological Study of Nephrite Accessories
Professor Lee Hun Tak ThomasLINGRF The Acquisition of Grammar by Shanghainese-speaking children as studied from the perspective of parametric variation in Chinese dialects
Professor Mok Pik Ki PeggyLINGRF Re-visiting Tone Acquisition of Cantonese Speaking Children in Hong Kong
Professor Tang Wai Lan GladysLINGRF Profiling Chinese Grammatical Knowledge of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Students in HK and China - A Comparative Study
Professor Huang YongPHIGRF Knowing-to: The Contemporary Significance of Wang Yangming's Moral Philosophy
Professor James AndreTRAGRF Conceptualizing China through Translation
Professor Wong Wai Yee SharonANTECS On In-depth Cross-cultural Exchange: Chinese Elements in the Early Ceramic Production Centre of Angkor, Cambodia
Professor Christoph SteinhardtCCSECS The Repertoire of Repression in Urban China: Threat, Visibility, and Change
Professor Yellen Jeremy AvrumJASECS The Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere: Japan's Hybrid Empire during World War II


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