2016 No.1
  • The Launch of "Cafe Lingua" by the T.T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre
  • Lee Hysan Visiting Scholar Scheme, Universities Service Centre for China Studies

Launch of "Cafe Lingua" by T.T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre

"Cafe Lingua", a public platform on WeChat initiated by the T.T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre (CLRC), has been launched. Its goal is to discuss current issues in Chinese linguistics, to distribute updated information about CLRC, and to publish short articles about interesting linguistic facts and other local academic activities. It is hoped that academic exchange among researchers in the field will be enhanced by this new technology.

Lee Hysan Visiting Scholar Scheme, USC

The USC has admitted the following scholars to the Lee Hysan Visiting Scholar Scheme and provided grants for them to conduct research. All incoming visiting scholars have been invited to give seminars or talks during their stay. For the latest information, please visit the USC website.

 NameInstitutionPeriod of Stay
1Deborah Strong DavisYale University2 - 11 January 2016
2孫沛東復旦大學3 - 31 January 2016
3Jae Ho ChungSeoul National University6 - 10 January 2016
4胡發雲職業作家6 - 12 January 2016 
5Sei Jeong ChinEwha Womans University11 - 31 January 2016
6周浩中國獨立紀錄片導演25 - 27 January 2016
7胡傑中國獨立紀錄片導演22 - 28 February 2016
8劉忠波南開大學文學院24 January - 24 February 2016
9李文子共識傳媒《領導者》雜誌29 Febuary - 15 March 2016
10趙德雷哈爾濱工程大學1 - 30 March 2016
11張釗維中國獨立紀錄片導演13 - 15 March 2016
12鄧儀北京三生環境與發展研究院項目總監,國際健康與環境組織中國區專案負責人,麗江健康與環境研究中心理事長20 - 21 March 2016
13李玉坤雲南省麗江市玉龍縣河源村村民、河源生態產業合作社理事長,玉龍縣大地有生農民生態產業合作聯社監事長。20 - 21 March 2016
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Young Scholars' Forum in Chinese Studies 2016, jointly organised by CUHK–Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation Asia-Pacific Centre for Chinese Studies (APC) and ICS will be held on 19–21 May 2016
Exhibition: Erudition in Ink: The Calligraphy of Sheung Chun-ho, Art Museum (27 February 2016 – 22 May 2016)
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