25. 11. 2018    ISSUE 13

University Lecture on Civility 2018: Nicely Concluded

The University Lecture on Civility 2018  on "Assembling the Future: A Social Innovator's Intriguing Project" came to a successful end on 24 October.  The speaker, Dr. Marcin Jakubowski, is a Ph.D. holder in nuclear fusion and the Founder and Executive Director of Open Source Ecology.  He talked about his journey towards being a start-up entrepreneur on innovation (e.g. mirroring the success of opening the source of the software Linux).  He believed optimising the development, production and distribution of hardware (e.g. all sorts of tools and machines) would facilitate the world's sustainable development.  Speaking of the future, Dr. Jakubowski hoped that gears could be shifted towards human development and promotion of a greener world for the harmony between human and nature in 2028, by which the Open Source Ecology would become fully fledged.  Following Dr. Jakubowski's speech was a Q & A session hosted by Prof. Ng Mee-kam, Department of Geography and Resource Management.  A vigorous ambience was fostered with the questions and views of the audiences, as well as the speaker's inspiring responses.

Apart from the talk, the University Lecture on Civility 2018 rolled out the "Exchange with Dr. Marcin Jakubowski on Sustainable Development" activity in the afternoon of the same day.  Participants including students, staff and non-CUHK members had an engaging discussion with Dr. Jakubowski on issues related to environmental protection, social innovation and sustainable development, e.g. using recycled materials for 3D printing.  They then visited the University Library's Maker Bubble situated at the Learning Garden and the rooftop organic farm.

For review of Dr. Jakubowski's whole talk, please click here to visit CUTV.  The presentation slides could be seen from here.

University Lecture on Civility 2018: Nicely Concluded
University Lecture on Civility 2018: Nicely Concluded
University Lecture on Civility 2018: Nicely Concluded
University Lecture on Civility 2018: Nicely Concluded

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