People Portrait - Dr. Rebecca Lee, Instructor

1.   What are the major differences in terms of teaching since the formation of the School in June 2009?

The formation of the School has provided me more opportunities for cross-disciplinary teaching which allows me to focus not only on my major expertise, biochemistry, but also on other related areas such as physiology. This enables my students to be more aware to the correlations of different subjects, as well as to obtain a much broader and macroscopic view of biomedical sciences.

2.   What challenges and difficulties that you have been facing in your everyday teaching? How have you overcome these problems?

There are a few challenges that I have been facing in my everyday teaching; but if I have to name one, it should be the need to teach students of diverse backgrounds. While the majority of my students come from the Faculty of Medicine, some of them are from other Faculties like Science, Business Administration, or even Arts, who are with different learning experience. Therefore, I have to be patient when communicating with students; only by doing so I can really understand their needs (e.g. academic interests, concerns or difficulties, etc.), thus offering them the best assistance possible.

3.   As a recent recipient of the Faculty's "Teachers of the Years Awards (2009/10)", can you share with us your key to success in pursuing teaching excellence?

First I would like to express that I really feel honored to be given this award.  Teaching is still a new subject to me and I am still mastering the different skills and techniques that have to be possessed by a good teacher.

Fortunately, I have been surrounded by many colleagues who are experienced, passionate and possess excellent teaching skills. They are willing to share their insights and offer many valuable advices to me and I feel very grateful to them.

I really enjoy teaching a lot! I believe sharing is one of the essential elements to improve our teaching skills and academic knowledge and I look forward to continuously achieving new heights with my colleagues.

Brief Biosketch of Dr. Rebecca Lee

Dr Rebecca KY Lee is currently an Instructor of the School of Biomedical Sciences.  She received both her BSc and PhD degrees in Biochemistry from the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  Before joining the School, Dr. Lee worked in the Department of Electronic Engineering and the Department of Pharmacology, CUHK.  Her research interests focus on the study of mechanisms of multidrug resistance in human cancer.  She has been awarded the "Teachers of the Year Award 2009/10" by Faculty of Medicine, CUHK.

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People Portrait - Prof. Chao Wan, Assistant Professor
People Portrait - Dr. Rebecca Lee, Instructor
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